Walk on…

There is something about getting on with life that cancer can not touch.

A neighbor is back walking her dogs and taking in the warm afternoon sunshine in the ‘hood.’

It took a very long time before she felt well enough, strong enough, brave enough to put on her best sun hat and her walking shoes to face the outdoors.  Maybe it wasn’t the outdoors so much as it was facing the ‘old normal.’  After all, she wasn’t the same person she was months ago.  She’d had breast cancer and her body was different.  Her mind had been messed with too.  As you know, once you’re told you have cancer, and then you’re told you don’t have cancer anymore, you always wonder if some day something new will pop-up in a scan, or in an elevated blood test.  So I think it’s safe to say, her confidence level of just walking outside the safety net of her home was in play here too.

But I saw her today, with the dogs in tow and feeling good.  She’s talking about painting the house and refinishing the floors and catching-up on all the things that have been put on the shelf while she dealt with her cancer.

The best part of our conversation? She talked about getting the workers in to do house maintenance in the present and she talked about being “sick” in the past.  Another warrior who has put the war behind her for now.

She’s got paint to buy and furniture to move, so get out of her way and let her get to work!

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