Don’t stop searching….

Finding the right place to be treated for cancer is a serious fact-finding job.

It’s important to put yourself in the right hands after diagnosis.  Most doctors have your best interest at heart, but their knowledge about your cancer may not be where it should be and you’ve got to ask some tough questions.  “How many cases like mine have you seen?”  “Do you feel like you’ve got a handle on my particular cancer?”

Hard questions? Yes, but the answers are extremely important.

Just recently, I’ve heard from two cancer patients who found out the hard way, that their doctors weren’t equipped to treat their cancers.  Both had advanced disease and when they realized it was time to change doctors,  they were faced with some very scary decisions that should have been made months earlier.  Luckily, with research and many phone calls, they both landed in good places.

As overwhelming as a cancer diagnosis can be, don’t stop searching for the best place; the right fit for you.  The doctors are important, but so are the treatment options, the location, the support, to name just a few “must haves” on the list.

Don’t stop searching…your life depends on it.


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