The diagnosis was years ago.  It was one of the more dangerous cancers but the doctors were aggressive and went right to work on it. The treatment was harsh.  It took a lot out of the patient, but she survived both the treatment and the peril of living with cancer.

She went back to life as close to what it was B-C.  It’s never what it was, but if you work at it, it can resemble that former life.

Any one who has been through this knows every time you look in the mirror you wonder what’s going on inside?  Are those cancer cells really gone?  Did ONE survive the treatment and find a new place to call home and even though it hasn’t been detected yet, it’s there, already doing damage?

In this case, the answer is yes.  The most recent scans confirmed it.  It didn’t come back at the original location, but it found another place that would work just as well.  It’s grown enough now, that the scans have picked-up its damage. Recurrence is how they phrase it but you know it has new misery.

It’s back to treatment.  It’s back to hard days at the cancer center.

Recurrence: To return to one’s attention or memory.  That’s how the dictionary defines it.


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