Ten days…

These would be his last ten days.

Eight years ago, these would be the last ten days of his life.

He was 53 years old.  How could that be?  Cancer is the short, one word answer.

We had dealt with his colon cancer for almost 8 years. There were bad times.  The “You have cancer” moment comes to mind.  His doctor looked as surprised as we were, but there was the evidence in a 5X7 color glossy photo.  A cancerous tumor found from a routine colonoscopy.  A life changer.

There were good times.  “You’re N-E-D.”  No evidence of disease.  “Go to Maui, NOW.”  We did.  A farewell tour of our favorite spots for Mai Tai’s and macadamia crusted Ahi and saying good-bye to so many friends.  We sat by the pool, sailed the beautiful Pacific, sat on the lanai and remembered so many times we’d watched the sunset explode into golden light as it sank into the sea.

We both knew his life was beginning to ebb but neither one of us wanted to dwell on it.  The care giving changed as his needs changed.

The last ten days taught me more about life than death.

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