It’s not just another day…

20160815_095447It’s not just another day.

I stopped trying to make it just another day a long time ago.

Leroy died this day, eight years ago, and when I look back I see the stages of grief the experts talk about and I guess I went through just about every one.  I think I added a few new ones too.  Each of us have our own layers of grief depending on the details of our lives and that’s OK.

It takes a lot for me to tear up at the mention of his name now.  Early on I could turn into a puddle just walking by his picture on the wall.  I’ve come a long way.

I still talk about him in the “almost” present when a story comes to mind.  I think about how he would have loved a movie I’d seen or a concert we would have gone to.  And I still love to see his Hawaiian shirts in the closet.

But it’s different now.  The “missing” is different.

I’d like to think his adventuresome spirit is still soaring; his big, wonderful laugh is still echoing somewhere and for all the wisdom and guidance he shared, I hope those who benefited, will remember him today of all days.

It’s not just another day.




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