The hug…

It spoke volumes.

A gesture I see in the lobby of the cancer center hundred of times a day.  It came mean a lot of things; a big “hello,” a “good to see you,” or a “what can I do to make the hurt go away?”

There was no question about this hug.  The couple sat in their chairs taking turns to look around the room watching for some one.  A woman, wearing a white coat finally came through the doors and the couple stood up quickly.  The woman reached out, trying to capture both of them in one wide, open armed embrace.  It was the kind of hug that came with an “I’m so sorry.”

The couple held on to the doctor but the news was not going to change.  Red faced and almost embarrassed that they had become so emotional in a public place, the three of them finally sat down to talk.  It was a private conversation, but the body language was easy to read.

Cancer.  A hug.  Hold on to Hope.

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