It’s a good day for a scan…

Seven for seven…it doesn’t get any better than that!

3 colon cancers, gone.

3 breast cancers, gone.

1 lymphoma, gone.


Patients I don’t know well, but had the good fortune to meet while working on some clinical trials and immunotherapy projects this past week.

Doctors and patients were smiling at the results of these scans.

Is this a sign that cancer treatments are improving and patients are seeing the results of the hard work of researchers and scientists at the lab bench?  One can only hope that is true.

One the more ‘magical/mystical’ side of how I look at this disease, I’d like to think some how cancer is “on the run,” that it’s heading for a deep hole somewhere.  Too many good ways of killing cancer are out there now and it’s just time for this bad stuff to disappear.

YUP….I’ going with ‘magical/mystical’ with a huge dose of science thrown in…


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