What do you say?

She’s been a friend for a very long time.

We’ve spent many hours at the pool.  We talk about our lives; we share our stories and talk about our families and jobs.  We swim in the lanes and talk about how we love summer.  When our favorite season starts to wind down, like it is now, we both feel the change in the air.  We notice how the clouds change too.  In peak summer, when the thunderstorms rage across our sky, the clouds are big balls of ‘angry.’  Now, later in the season, they seem to flatten out.  There’s not as much room for the lightning and thunder to hide and even though we still get T-storms, they space themselves out a little more and we’re both very glad about that too.

So when my friend went for her annual mammogram, it seemed like just another summer day.  She would be late to the pool that day. She didn’t come to the pool that day.  She was told there was something on the scan that needed further examination. A sonogram, a needle biopsy, and cancer was discovered.  Surgery will be in a couple of days.

What do you say to that?  You want to say “You’ll be OK.”  You want to say “Don’t worry.”   You want to say all that healthy eating, exercising, living will pay off and this will be a blip on your screen.

You pray all that will be a factor in her recovery and she’ll be fine.

You want all those thoughts to be true.

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