An ending and a beginning…

Let’s call it the vicious cycle of cancer.

The beginning goes something like this:  A discovery, a probe to discover more about the discovery, a biopsy, a scan, a plan and then it begins for real.

The “You have cancer” moment has moved to the “You are living with cancer” reality.

Such is the case with a close friend who heard the words chemotherapy and radiation in a conversation with her doctor today.  A treatment plan is being assembled.  She’s decided to leave town for the long weekend.  She’s planning on leaving her cancer at her door.  It will be there when she returns.

Then there’s a wonderful young man who lost his Dad a few months ago.  Death from cancer.

That goes something like this: The discovery, jumping ahead to the plan, treatment and more treatment when the first line therapies are not successful, possibly a clinical trial, always holding on to HOPE, even when HOPE runs out.

He says he’s doing OK.  He says there are good and bad days, but it’s his Mom he’s worried about because she is just so sad.  I try to explain that this grieving is a process.  We all do it differently, but we all need to do it.

Death from cancer.

A vicious cycle.



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