Finding shelter in this storm…

I’m a walker.  When I’m not on the C & O Canal logging miles, I’m in my own neighborhood putting one foot in front of the other watching the seasons change year after year.  Who knows how many miles I’ve traveled?  My map of steps keep me connected to the birds and critters and trees that make this my home.  I see the migrating turkeys in the Fall.  I see the new born fawn sticking close to Mom in the woods and I watch the trees hold tight in a summer storm.

The houses I pass tell a story too.  They look like most homes in any other neighborhood, but it’s who lives there and what they’ve faced over the years that tell the tale.  So many of my neighbors have met cancer face to face.  I’m happy to say, some have stood strong and appear to have won their battles against this enemy.  I’ve seen them struggle through their treatment.  Some have stayed inside their houses for months on end, leaving only for doctor and treatment visits.  Others have been defiant and have forced themselves to stay as active as possible when their bodies would have preferred to simply rest.   In my own home we did the very same thing; Leroy hated giving in to the effects of chemo.

So now there is another house added to the cancer list.  A good friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Of course you’d never know it from looking at the house.  The lawn is green and mowed.  The rose garden is just about finished blooming and the vegetable garden had a record year for tomatoes.  The house itself is beautiful, and now it has a new assignment: Take care of those who have taken care of it for all these years.  There’s a cancer patient and a loving care giver living inside those walls and they need shelter in this storm.

I’ll be watching as I walk by…


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