When I was a care giver, I needed support and she was there for me.

She’d call me just to check in and say “Hi.”  It didn’t have to be a long conversation.  I think she could take “my temperature” by the tone in my voice.  A hard day and I was tired and my voice reflected my concern and worry and she would stay on the call a little longer, trying to pick up my spirits.

We would walk for miles over the years Leroy battled his cancer.  The fresh air, the road stretched out before me and my friend by my side was a cancer treatment not discovered in a lab somewhere, but it worked wonders for this care giver’s psyche.

Cancer has become a part of our walks once again.  And this time, I’m the one calling to see how my friend is doing.  She’s heard the words “You have cancer.”

It was discovered very early and her prognosis is very good.

It’s still cancer.  Cancer requires support from friends.

My walking shoes are laced up and ready to go.


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