“I’m scared”

She’s a strong woman.  She’s lived long enough to learn the ropes about life.  Then she heard the words “You have cancer.”

She’s forgotten how strong she is, because those words have shaken her to the core.

Three words that can make even the bravest shudder at the thought that there’s something bad happening to their body.

Her doctor explained the treatment phase of this fight today.  She listened and took notes, because she knew the words would float around the room but not much would be retained.  The dates stuck out more than anything at this appointment.  The day she’d go for “chemo education.”  The day she’s scheduled to have a port put in so the chemotherapy infusion would be easier on her body.  No needle sticks.  The doctor explained the number of treatments over the course of many weeks and radiation would follow as a one-two punch against her cancer.

So now she’s in the cancer loop.  She has to start to think about nutrition and hydration and continuing her exercise routine.  She’s a smart woman and knows these are all important pieces, but what worries her is how she’ll feel.  Will this kill the cancer?

Will this change her?  How will this change her?

“I’m scared.”

She’s strong enough  and brave enough to say those words.

It is a scary time.


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