“Each day counts so much more”

He was diagnosed at a small town hospital.  His doctors had seen cancer before, but his was a complicated and difficult cancer.  They said they could treat him but to their credit, they told him he’d be much better off if he went to a cancer center where his diagnosis would be looked at by a multi-disciplinary group of doctors.  They would put their heads together and as a group decide what the best treatment would be.

Experience counts in cancer world.  YOU want your doctor to say “I’ve seen this before and we should do this,” instead of hearing “I haven’t really seen this kind of cancer before.”

So he took the advice and his team of doctors have been aggressive.  They have taken steps to attack his cancer with chemotherapy, surgery, recovery from surgery and now more chemo of a different kind to create what they hope will be a “knock-out punch.”

This man is feeling the effects of the chemo, but his cancer is N-E-D at the moment and that gives him HOPE.  He’s a realist and knows this cancer could come back. But for now, he’s in a good place.

Like his wife says, they live well each day.  “Each day counts so much more.”

You bet it does.


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