We’re in the window…

We’re “in the window.”

It’s the time of year for those of us who have lost loved ones to cancer, to feel the weight of the loss during the Holiday Season.  There’s no denying it.  Time, as ‘they’ say, helps a lot, but there’s something about the family traditions, the gatherings, the planning, and all the memories that hang from the tree or the mantle or the menorah; there’s no ignoring that someone is missing.

I still hang Leroy’s stocking at the fireplace. It is a work of heart, his grandmother made for him…It’s decorated with sequins and little green trees and white fluffy trim.  It’s an original, just like the tiny boy it was made for and I love looking at it.  Leroy loved rock and roll, but when it came to Christmas music, he was all about the traditional sound, so I play that music and think back to the celebrations we had together before cancer came into our lives.

I’m not trying to forget our Holiday time together.  I cherish it.  Every year there are new memories to add on to the old ones, but the old ones are still so important.

So if you find yourself “in the window,” open that window and let the good times flow….past and present.


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