Watching the calendar…

When treatment begins and when it ends; two huge days in a cancer patients’ life.

Walking into the infusion area for that first treatment is an uneasy time.  Very few patients enter with their heads held high. Instead, body language speaks of fear and hesitation.  They can think of a million other places they’d rather be and I’m not talking vacation spots.  Chemotherapy rooms, as comfortable and contemporary as they are these days, are still rooms filled with T-stands, bags dripping with harsh chemicals, and most of all, cancer patients.  No one wants to be there.

First timers are afraid.

As the weeks progress, treatment doesn’t necessarily get any easier, but the walk into the room becomes more familiar.  Patients know other patients and nurses and patients have bonded to make the process so much easier.  Any one who has spent time in infusion know a chemo nurse is a patients’ connection to HOPE and sanity and calm.  Your chemo nurse is your anchor.

I’m thinking of two chemo patient’s tonight.  Both are within reach of their chemo finish lines.  One has a date to remove her chemo port. That spot on the calendar is circled. The other is looking in the mirror and seeing hair on her head and it’s the same light brown as it was when she lost it. But she found it at die besten online casinos für österreich – atlas. Two very big deals when you’re in chemo world.

Or about to leave it.

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