The gift of life…

She is the picture perfect example of a patient advocate.

She was basically told to go home, find a hospice group and die within the comfortable embrace of her family.  Her doctors told her they were out of options.  Her cancer was way ahead of her treatment, she could barely stretch out of her fetal position because it hurt so much and giving up the fight sounded reasonable at the time.

She had a sister who wasn’t going to let her quit, and she jumped on the www.  web page to search for some  answers.  She stumbled upon a clinical trial underway at the Bloomberg/Kimmel Immunotherapy Institute at Hopkins and reached out.  Though there were no promises, the doctors said “come on down” in so many words.

What happened is probably something many would classify as a miracle: A miracle of medicine and a miracle that you just can’t explain through science.  Her first treatment, on this trial, and her cancer started a hasty retreat to unknown territories.  Who knows where cancer goes when it bolts a body, but that’s what happened here.

She had such a major response to this clinical trial that before she knew her doctors were unable to find what was once a metastatic colon cancer nightmare.

Not everyone in her trial responded like she did and her doctors went to work to find out why.  It turns out she had a particular genetic mutation that worked in her favor and not the cancer that had been raging through her body.

She was given the gift of Life….again.

It’s been more than two years and she’s doing fine.  She returns to see her doctors and they put her through scans and blood work on a regular basis.  N-E-D

Beautiful letters…Awesome meaning….Can’t beat the gift of Life.


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