We have to do our part….

Immunotherapy; We’ve awakened our own immune system, with the help of some sophisticated drugs, to recognize cancer as being one of the bad guys and attack with gusto.

All these years it really hasn’t been that way.  We’ve tried to kill the beast with poison in the form of chemotherapy or zap it in the form of radiation.  Both of these treatments seem to work, for a while, but the cancer maps out strategy to pull an ‘end-around’ only to live again.

I guess we haven’t given cancer enough respect.

So what about now?  Are we putting too much stock in our immune system?  Can it really start to spot a cancer advancing on our colon or lung and take aim at this intruder? I’d like to think we can because there’s just too much cancer in this world.

I’m a baby boomer and my generation is filling up oncology floors at major hospitals around the country.  Cancer is a boomer’s battle.  Maybe it’s because we don’t move around enough.   When we were younger, we were athletes, we planned out down time around the gym.  Now they call them ‘health clubs’ and for a small fortune if you squeeze in one ‘body burn’ class a week, it’s a major accomplishment.

The Boomer generation has money and brains, so it’s not that they can’t afford to eat well, play hard and follow what the experts suggest to enjoy a cancer free life.  A sedentary lifestyle isn’t going to cut it, neither is eating fried foods without a vegetable in sight.  It’s just common sense.

Kudos to the researchers and scientists who have discovered the way to our immune system and how to turn it on in the fight against cancer.  But we’ve got to do our part too. Belly-up to the salad bar!!



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