Ringing the Bell….

It means everything….

It’s a morale lift to be sure.  It’s like breaking the tape at the end of the race.  It’s the exhale that you’re finished with radiation.  And hopefully it’s the big wave “good-bye” to your cancer.

It’s ringing the bell at radiation oncology in the cancer center.  The doctors gather around and so do the nurses and everyone cheers.

Two of my friends within 7 days of ending treatment, rang their radiation bells.   They are finished: done: completed treatment.  Most of all they are two very happy cancer survivors who will now move on to hormone therapy and that’s a lot easier to handle.  That little pill may give them side effects but no more ‘rads.’

One friend said she felt like she was a “walking night light” from her radiation sessions.  Humor helps in cancer world.

No more radiation treatments help even more.

Ringing the bell helps the most.

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