Packing that familiar waiting room bag…

I hadn’t packed that bag in many years.  Funny how it all comes back to you when you need it.

The newspaper, the bottle of water, some crackers and a little candy.  I even remembered to put in a few new magazines if the procedure went longer than expected.

My young friend Ethan had his surgery today.  It wasn’t a big deal, but it was still surgery.  In fact the he told me the nurses loved seeing him because it was considered ‘out-patient’ and they took one look at him and said, “You’re healthy, you’re not over weight, this isn’t cancer and you should be out of here quickly.”  That’s a great patient to tend to for a team of highly skilled pre and post-op nurses.

It all went according to plan, I’m happy to say, but I still needed to pack that shoulder bag filled with waiting room supplies.  His Mom had her bag too.  Two old veterans of the Weinberg waiting room.  We’ve both been there for much more serious events in our lives.   Both our husbands had faced operations in that building that weren’t as routine.  Cancer operations are never routine.

So today, we really just talked a lot to stay occupied, read a little and texted the folks who were waiting to be updated.

Finally, the O-R attendant came and escorted us to recovery a few hours after the surgery.

Our bags were packed and it was just a matter of time for the patient to be cleared to travel home.

Healing is on the agenda now and the fatigue is settling in from an early morning, stress filled event.

And the ‘waiting room bag’ is empty now: unpacked and back in the closet.

I hope it stays there for a very long time.


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