Her foggy days are lifting…

It’s been 15 months since she lost the love of her life and he died after a very short, very intense cancer struggle that turned her family upside down.

There were the kids first-of-all, who thought their Dad would live forever. Nothing, much less cancer, would ever take him away. If he always came home from the scariest places on earth, he could certainly knock-out cancer.  He was the rock of the family.

And then there were the grandkids, they looked at their grandpa and saw the ‘Pied Piper.’ He held them as infants and they just smiled and giggled and felt the love through his strong arms.  When they turned into toddlers, they followed behind him as if in a trance.  Where ever Papa Jay was, they NEEDED to be close by.

The giggles are echo’s now and Jay’s steps have disappeared into the shadows, but fog of loss is lifting.  His amazing widow, who has struggled mightily, is starting to notice that while she’s been in mourning, life around her has been moving along.  Spring has turned into Summer and the yard needs work.  Jay’s garden, where his flowers were prized possessions are looking a little leggy.  She’s noticed the house could use a little TLC too.  But the most important sign of all: she’s gone into the closet to find the grandkids journals.  These had been weekly, if not daily accounts of their lives and the lives of the family since their births.  She stopped writing in these books when Jay died.

Now, new entries are coming, the yard will get attention, the bird feeders will welcome back old friends and the “Welcome” sign will be back on the front door.

The fog will probably come and go for a while yet, but the sun is definitely shining over this home once more.



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Brady Merrill June 8, 2017 at 7:23 am

D Day is my anniversary date, this year its number 11.
The fog is still lifting, mostly its pretty clear now.
The house is looking a mite ragged, the yard somewhat better, the truck is the worst off but hey it’s number 11 so I am content with the new normal.
My ‘life’ plans got slightly, well totally derailed, but then again it’s eleven birthdays I would not of had, so I remain grateful.
I figure I will just keep taking those little steps, keep that flicker of a flame called hoped going, and stick around, lol.
Been my pleasure Laurie reading this blog, Leroy’s was a beacon that helped keep me going too, thanks, thanks and thanks.


Kathie Scott June 7, 2017 at 8:46 pm

Spring comes in many forms.


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