The fresh new faces…

They huddle together at the lunch tables and it seems everyone talks at the same time.  It’s really hard to hear what they’re saying, but every few seconds you can catch a medical phrase or a word and you just know they are talking about what they saw in morning sessions as their first days of being “doctors” begin to unfold.

Yes, it’s July and that means the newbies, the fresh new faces of medicine have taken up residence at the hospital.  I was sitting at a table just a few feet away from two different groups of young doctors and nurses.  It was so nice to watch the intensity of these sharp young minds listening, taking notes, and talking shop.

I look at them and think, in that group is some one who will break the code to cancer.  They don’t know it yet, but they will discover a new way to spark the immune system or find a way to map the cancer gene that will reveal a pathway to its destruction.

I have the faith that one of these fresh new faces will one day become the face associated with ending the curse that is cancer.

We can only HOPE.

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