Do you ever really stop….

Do you ever really stop going through memories of a life once lived?

One box leads to another and another and then opening a zipper to find a tape recorder, YES, A TAPE RECORDER, that spent a lifetime traveling the world in places most sane people would avoid.  That was my afternoon and once again, there I was walking down a road I hadn’t traveled in more than a decade.

Leroy’s road.

When you decide to patch and paint and freshen up rooms that have remained the same for years, you find memories.  In my case, you find memories of a life no longer in the present so there’s no one to really share these treasures with, or to add to the intrigue of where these relics of the TV industry have traveled.  I certainly can guess that this microphone was once propped-up on a tree stump somewhere in a jungle in Thailand or on an Army tank in a desert in the Middle East.  The recorder may have captured the words of a correspondent describing the horror of the killing fields in Rwanda or the fighting in Somalia.  And when the scene was captured on small audio tapes that were secured in a zippered, water-proof compartment of a larger case that held all of this equipment, the big guy who threw it over his shoulder and carried it to its next destination was the one and only, Leroy Sievers.

Story captured for the day, he would move on with his team, to the next location to prepare for the broadcast that night.

Now, this case will get tucked away in a safe place; all those memories secured.

It was a short trip down memory lane.


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Al October 21, 2017 at 9:15 am

A friend has prostate cancer that has metastasized to many places in his bones..spine, neck, jaw, etc. The prognosis is poor in spite of chemo and radiation. He and his wife have been our friends for some 30 years. The path they are now walking is a familiar path that I walked with my wife a few years ago. The memories for me are just as acute now triggered by the events unfolding for them. I remember the 911 calls, numerous trips to the ER, the sickness, the frail body further wasting away because there is no appetite and food is not appealing. I pray for peace for them but we know that stress and anxiety will mostly prevent peace from coming for awhile.

Their journey has caused me to gradually begin the process of cleaning out and donating my wife’s clothes to charity. It is painful to do because I see and remember her in many of the jackets and outfits and this has brought me comfort. Doing so allows me to reminisce when I uncover a hidden treasure among her stuff…her bronzed baby shoe. It will be passed along to our daughter and to her daughters. Cleaning out is the right thing to do but it is not easy, mostly sad and painful. The clothing pantry will receive some jackets and sweaters this morning. That is a good thing. Helping others to help yourself!


cathi simmons September 26, 2017 at 6:05 pm

Thank you for this poignant post. My items are different, but my purpose is the same.


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