About this Blog

“Our Cancer” is a group of people who were brought together by Leroy Sievers and his blog My Cancer. When Leroy passed away, My Cancer became “Our Cancer,” a community that lives with and fights the beast.

The Our Cancer and My Cancer blogs began on the National Public Radio Web site and now have a new home at Johns Hopkins.  Laurie Singer Sievers continues to author Our Cancer.

Laurie Singer Sievers
Laurie Singer Sievers

About Laurie
Laurie Singer Sievers is an award winning network television news producer having won six Edward R. Murrow Awards and a National Emmy.  She has produced numerous news programs for CBS, NBC and ABC, covering six Olympic Games, 12 Super Bowls, 12 World Series and 10 NCAA Final Four Tournaments.

She considers herself one of the lucky ones to have seen the world from a front row seat as a journalist, covering everything from major sporting events to world leaders in her 40 years of working television news. She began her career as one of the country’s first female sportscasters and most recently produced award winning segments for “Bob Dotson’s American Story” on NBC’s “The Today Show.”

Laurie’s toughest and most challenging assignment began in 2001 when her husband, Leroy Sievers was diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer. It was then that Leroy, who was the Executive Producer for ABC NEWS “Nightline” began his “My Cancer” blog on the NPR website. The blog was a very personal, daily account of living with cancer and when the disease took Leroy’s life in 2008, Laurie continued the blog, now called “Our Cancer.”    Laurie serves on the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Advisory Board and has produced several video projects for the Cancer Center including  “Chemo School…” a guide designed to help cancer patients just entering chemotherapy; a caregivers’ video series called “Walking on Eggshells;” and “C-Answers,” a video series intended to introduce the faculty and staff of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.