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Cancer’s Other Conditions

Cancer comes with so many conditions.  The diagnosis brings fear, anxiety and sadness.  But that’s just the beginning.  It’s hard enough dealing with all of these emotions, we don’t see what’s coming around the bend.  Maybe that’s because we don’t know what’s coming around the bend. Patient, care-giver, doesn’t matter which one…we’re so thrown off(…)

A Hairy Tale

  I like to think I’m not a wimp.  But I must admit, I’ve been dreading the dentist appointment that was on the calendar today.   Leroy used to make this sound, mimicking the dentist drill every time I’d have my scheduled check-up.  He knew it would make me cringe and he thought he was so(…)

Remembering June

It’s March, do you have a happy colon?! I ask, because March is Colon Cancer awareness month.  Near me, in the District of Columbia, some local university hospitals  invited uninsured and underinsured women and men between the ages of 50 and 64 to take advantage of free screenings. Colon cancer is one of the big(…)

We’re Here to Share

Well, here we are, in our new home.  You know what they say about real estate…Location, location, location…What better place for a blog about cancer, cancer patients, and cancer care-givers, than the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins? The reverse is true too.  How lucky Hopkins is to have this community share it’s knowledge and(…)

A Heartfelt Farewell and Our New Home

I sit here at the computer and I look to my right and Leroy is smiling through a heart-shaped frame. His smile is fixed behind a small piece of glass, so it doesn’t fade.  Many afternoons, as I’ve sat down to write the day’s entry to the “Our Cancer” blog, I’ve looked at that picture,(…)

Where Would We Be Without Them?

Where would we be without the nurses? I know we look to the doctors to come-up with creative ways to treat cancer.  We look to the doctors to be aggressive.  If a treatment fails, we look to the doctors to come-up with a Plan B that is equally as good, if not better than Plan(…)


There I was, pacing the floor…walking off and measuring the squares of flooring, counting how may it took to reach the far wall.  Leroy was in the room, sitting on the exam table, waiting for the doctor to come in for a consult.  It could have been about scan results, blood tests, or a new(…)

A New Home

We’re turning another page on the “Our Cancer” blog. This time, the blog is making the trip North on 95 to Baltimore. It’s finding a new home on the Kimmel Cancer Website at Johns Hopkins.  This will be an easy transition for all of us. There’s nothing complicated about joining the site.  It’s a new(…)